Qadamawe Nyne formally known as Jah Nyne is no stranger to the business as he has been contributing to the genre for well over a decade with his roots rock vibration. Qadamawe Nyne has been productive and lyrically  enriched presenting music listeners with nothing but positive music. With hit singles like "In the Name of Jah" and "Hungry Pickney" just to name a few. He has worked with South Florida based label Mealy Records from the mid 2000's and has also had an album digitally released by European based label Gold Cup Records entitled "Holding a Vibes". Additionally, he has recorded singles for other independent labels internationally.

Re-branded Qadamawe Nyne has recently formed his own record label called Trinity Recording International, where he will release his new EP entitled "Global Crisis". His latest project is in association with Mealy Records, which is comprised of 7 songs that are all organically potent and thought provoking. "Global Crisis" will be available on all digital platforms in May of 2023. He currently has music streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and YouTube.